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Denise Thomas Therapy 


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Best way to apply Kinesiology Tape to the Achilles Tendon

John and Denise demonstrating how to apply a self kinesiology tape for achilles pain.

Ankle Sprain - try this self-taping technique

John and Denise showing one application method using kinesiology tape for an ankle inversion sprain to the ATFL and CFL lig...


A lot of my patients manage their own pain in between visits by using a myofascial release gun. These are hand held devises of variable speed that work into your muscles and fascia via deep percussion to help reduce aches, pain and muscle tension, stimulating blood flow to increase range of movement and aid recovery. While there are some very cheap models on the market, they rarely last and in my experience do not deliver the desired results in the way that this model does. Do not confuse percussion with vibratory.

Are they expensive? They can be but this one is mid range price wise, although still a fraction of the cost of some professional massage guns. But is it worth it you ask? Absolutely! An investment now will enable you to go extended periods of time between professional therapy sessions saving money in the long term.

I can now offer a massive discount of 20% off the Flo Mini or Flow Pro using code DENISET at checkout.


Also, Pulseroll are offering 10% off their products if you follow this link and use my code DTT10

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